Board of Directors Officer Position - Policy Legal Advisor

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Adoptee Hub is currently receiving volunteer applications for this Board of Director officer position to assume the role of Policy Legal Advisor. This individual will review all policies and procedures to ensure Adoptee Hub is operating under a legal purview. Will serve as an advisor to the President of the Board and CEO on all legal matters that may arise.

This position requires discretion and confidentiality. This is a 3-year term position.

  • Attend monthly BOD meetings and provide any legal updates to Board.
  • Board approved and practicing lawyer.
  • Review all web content to ensure information posted is not, in any way, a breach committed by Adoptee Hub.
  • Support Adoptee Hub financially as a supporting member.
  • Ensure Adoptee Hub complies with media law and ethical guidelines.
  • Review and approve all contractual agreements between Adoptee Hub and any individual or business interests.

  • Request member to be an Adoptee, if possible, or associated with an Adoptee community in some capacity.
  • Experienced in Zoom meeting software application.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Office 365 and One Drive.

  • Actively support and attend Adoptee Hub events, either in person or virtually.
  • Dedicate 20 hours monthly towards Adoptee Hub events and project needs.

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Posted: Jun 24, 2020

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