Board of Directors Officer Position - President

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Adoptee Hub is accepting applications for the Board of Directors Office position assuming the role of President. We are in search of a volunteer who is passionate of the Adoptee community and has the leadership skills to promote the initiatives of our organization. The President position oversees the Adoptee Hub mission and strategic plan with the collaboration of 7 Board of Director (BOD) members and 5 Officers.

This position requires discretion and confidentiality. This is a 3-year term position.

  • Attend as many Adoptee Hub events as possible, and be the primary spokesperson for Adoptee Hub.
  • Have excellent public speaking skills in a large group setting at in-person or web/zoom meeting events.
  • Keeps an open and ongoing communication with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to ensure the organization is on task meeting organizational goals, staffing is adequate, financial records are in order, and short and long-term goals are realized.
  • Negotiates contracts with vendors and partnership Spearheads financial campaigns to bolster the organizational budget.
  • Attends meetings with Sponsors and Supporters and seek financial donations on a continual basis, with a goal to expand the number of community donors by 10 percent, annually.
  • Present Adoptee Hub Annual Executive Report to supporting members on a yearly basis.
  • Work with CEO and BOD in the development of a strategic business plan and aligns organizational goals with the work of special interest committees.
  • Coordinate with CEO and Secretary to develop the monthly BOD meeting agenda.
  • Demonstrates leadership skills, schedules, leads and attends all executive board meetings.
  • Meet with committee leaders and provides guidance about workflow and individual committees can support the community impact of the organization.
  • Ensures Adoptee Hub function according to the bylaws and policies & procedures.
  • Evaluate progress of the planned outcomes and the strategic plan to grow organizational capacity and connect bi-weekly work with the vision and mission of the organization.
  • Regularly review the organization’s work plan and evaluations of BOD performance.
  • Empowers group to make executive decisions within their directorships / committees.
  • Support Adoptee Hub financially as a supporting member.
  • Be the leading role in fundraising events / activities.
  • Excellent people skills, is approachable and available.
  • Knows how to run a meeting in a formal or informal manner dependent upon the agenda.

  • Request member to be an Adoptee, if possible, or associated with an Adoptee community in some capacity.
  • Excellent oral communication skills. The volunteer must be comfortable and confident speaking and interacting with potential and existing institutional donors for solicitation and stewardship.
  • Strong presentation skills, including the ability to crystalize salient points and use visual communication strategies.
  • Strongly preferred volunteer be local to the greater Minneapolis/St Paul area.
  • Acts as an authorized signer of checks.
  • Experience with non-profit organizations.
  • Experience in leadership positions.
  • Knowledgeable of Asana project management tool software application.
  • Experienced in Zoom meeting software application.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Office 365 and One Drive.

  • Technologically savvy and able to conduct zoom meetings.
  • Good speech writing skills and competent with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office Word / Powerpoint, Microsoft One Drive or other word processing applications.
  • Be somewhat active on multiple social media outlets, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Tiktok.
  • Dedicate at least 20 hours per month to work on Adoptee Hub initiatives.

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Posted: Jun 22, 2020

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