Board of Directors Officer Position - Treasurer

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Adoptee Hub is accepting applications for the Board of Directors Office position assuming the role of Treasurer. This is an Executive position who will work in collaboration with 5 other officers and 7 BOD Directors. This volunteer will be managing the overall budget and spending for Adoptee Hub and will be primary financial advisor to the President and CEO of Adoptee Hub.

This position requires discretion and confidentiality. This is a 3-year term position.

  • Works with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on the development of the estimated fiscal year organizational budget and presents to the Board for approval.
  • Monitors spending and revenue on a monthly basis.
  • Assists Board of Directors (BOD) in administering approved financial policies.
  • Provides accurate finance report at every monthly BOD meeting.
  • Ensures tax documents are filed yearly.
  • Assists in making BOD executive decisions.
  • Maintains a copy of all financial documents for the necessary record keeping period.
  • Attend monthly BOD meetings.
  • Support Adoptee Hub financially as a supporting member.

  • Familiar with financial reports and the know-how to prepare monthly and annual financial reports.
  • Acts as an authorized signer of checks.
  • Request member be an Adoptee, or actively involved in Adoptee community events.
  • Experienced in Zoom meeting software application.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Office 365 and One Drive.

  • Skilled in using Quickbooks application.
  • Skilled in creating .pdf files for record keeping purposes.
  • Dedicate 20 hours a month for Adoptee Hub needs and events.
  • Actively support and attend Adoptee Hub events, either in person or virtually.

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